Team Principal 

Harry Felton organises the team. When he's not constructing paper airplanes  he's busy trying to work out how to build a car...

Suspension lead

Chris Cox, a man willing to learn on the spot, takes charge of the cars suspension.  Chris keeps the uprights upright and the corners on the corners.

Electrics Co-Lead

Sofie Kirk,  absolute legend - all you need to know really...

Deputy Team Principal 

Katy Goldup, picks up the slack as second in charge. Her favourite pastime includes analytically solving the Navier Stokes equation with a pot of hummus and a Terry's Chocolate Orange - Smart!

Frame Lead

Harry White has been entrusted with the chassis. He's really looking forward to the concept of hurtling around a racetrack in a car designed by 'unqualified engineers' - have you got insurance?

Faculty Advisor

Jason Yon is the qualified one of the team. After receiving his PhD in Aerospace Electric Systems 5 years ago in Bristol he just couldn't help but stay - must have been because of BER!


James Tlhomole's belief of 'the shinier, the better' puts him in great stead as the bodywork specialist. His aspires to gain Chartership whilst having a social life - Good luck!

Electrics Co-Lead

Michael Kavanagh,  like Sofie, but not quite as cool